Abundance & Money Workshop (REPLAY!)

Get immediate access to this wildly transformative 3 Hour workshop that teaches you:

1. What money REALLY is

2. Where money comes from

3. How to create & attract infinite wealth

4. The key difference between 'abundance' & money (They're not the same!) 

You will also be able to experience a guided breathwork session to anchor in the teachings and align with your future, most abundant self. 

By the end of the 3 hours, you will have successfully identified the biggest blocks and illusions that keep you from tapping into your wealth that allow you to release self doubt, detach your self worth from your net worth, and understand how to become a true money magnet. 


Sam & Gina


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What People Are Saying:

HOLY CRAP!!! I had NO idea how little I truly knew about money. Sam and Gina addressed the lack of awareness and education that contributes to so many of our money "problems" that stem from shame! We feel so bad about ourselves that we "dont know" how to handle or earn money that we keep ourselves from learning about it. I'm SOOO grateful I invested this time into myself to learn these powerful breakthroughs because now I genuinely understand WHAT money is, WHERE it comes from, and HOW to attract it. What more could I want from a money workshop? The $111 was pennies for this value. I would have paid thousands if I knew what I was getting from this. The breathwork session at the end was also so beautiful and I felt a deep shift within me. I can't wait to see how my life transforms as I integrate these powerful teachings. THANK YOU SAM AND GINA!!!


Today I joined a 3 hour abundance and money workshop and WOW it was good. If I can share one major takeaway it would be this: One recognizes their true value will never be poor. Keep doing the inner work, keep stepping deeper into your self worth. YOU, WE are worthy of the life we want to live. We are capable of so much more than we know.


$222.00 USD