Massive Manifestation Bundle


For the first time ever, I’m letting you inside of 5 my live coaching calls that have only ever been shared with my private group coaching clients who went through my life-changing program “Massive Manifestation.” 


This is not a course.

This is medicine.


NOTHING outside of you needs to change before you can feel confidence, joy, security, happiness and peace NOW.


If you ever thought one of my 2 minute videos was impactful, wait until you’ve watched and integrated over 7 hours of me teaching and channeling on how to recognize and release resistance (the killer of your manifestations!)

I need this!

What if one thought could change your entire life?


Massive Manifestation Bundle

Why am I offering this now?

  • Because I know this will change your life.
  • Because I’m obsessed with watching people transform from being the victim of their life to the CREATOR of their reality.
  • Your reality is a projection of your innermost beliefs.
  • Change those beliefs and perspectives, and your reality shifts to reflect them back to you.
  • You are always just ONE thought away from changing your entire life.


Desire as an obstacle

In this class, you’ll learn why it feels so hard to manifest and which energy you are attempting to create your desires from. Are you chasing it or attracting it? Finally uncover how and why your desire is not manifesting and how to energetically remove the blockages to fully align with your manifestations.

Model of Reality

Sam teaches and shares how to use one of the most powerful self-awareness tools that has completely changed both her and her clients’ lives. This is a tool you can use for ANYTHING and you’ll be provided meaningful insights and conversation to help you understand what is really meant by “Your thoughts create your reality” and how to begin shifting them through powerful inquiry and awareness.

Blame vs responsibility

If there’s one thing you need to understand about living the life of your dreams, it’s the difference between a victim of your life (blame) and the creator of your life (responsibility). This message is for the conscious soul who is ready to take RADICAL responsibility for the results in their life and shift into a creative (rather than reactive) state for good.

Law of assumption

You’ve heard of the Law of Attraction…but have you embodied the Law of Assumption? Sam thinks this is by far the easiest way to attract anything and it works in tandem with the Law of Attraction. Rather than trying to chase your manifestations down, use this teaching to embody, call in, and ATTRACT what you want. No more hustling, no more waiting and wishing…you assume it, claim it, embody it and it becomes yours.

Law of action

In this class, Sam teaches one of her favorite concepts of all time - The infinite 1%. You’ll learn how to apply this simple yet effective mindset to ANY goal or problem. You’ll also realize that it was never about whether or not your manifestation was possible (because they all are!) but that you were in a mindset trap that hinders so many of us from taking the next best step. Shake that belief by the end of this class and watch how fast things begin to shift for you in the outer reality.

When you get the bundle, you’ll get access to over 7 hours of live teaching by me.

You will finally understand:


  • How we block our desires from coming into fruition 
  • How to observe your thoughts and discern where they are coming from and how to shift them 
  • How to go from a disempowered state of consciousness to an empowered state of being 
  • How to match the energy of your desire and attract effortlessly 
  • How to get out of your way and begin to allow in what we desire rather than chasing or controlling it

Samantha Chung

is a mindset and manifestation expert on a mission to help more people wake up and live fully as their authentic self. It is her belief that we experience resistance, pain and suffering when we ignore who we truly are.


"My life after this program is SO different - in the best way. I have completely shifted my perspectives and mindset about how I want to live my life. I experienced so many shifts and breakthroughs while I was in this program."

"This program was truly the BEST investment I made on myself. I was apprehensive about spending the money but took the plunge because if I were in the same stagnant position in the following year without any growth then that would be more time and value wasted. I also found that there was so much more progress in my growth development with this program than my therapy sessions."


"I can honestly say that I AM content and so excited for the events that are coming to me! I have re-realized what my passions are, one that can lead to a new career that I am totally amped about! I know who I am and where I'm going, I have learned to not take things personally and to just live. I'm attracting more people into my life. I'm taking better care of myself and loving my body. Everything is flowing and opening up!"

This isn’t for everyone. Rather than me telling you who it’s for…

let me explain who it’s NOT for:


  • Someone who refuses to take radical responsibility for their thoughts, feelings, and actions
  • Someone who still wants everyone else to change before they can be happy 
  • Someone who wants a quick fix to their ‘problems’ 
  • Someone who fails to understand that investing in themselves is one of the most powerful steps toward their desired reality


The spiritual being that is best suited for these teachings will understand that nothing changes if NOTHING changes. And that first change begins with you. 


What if one thought could change your entire life? 

I’m soul ready

These calls have never been offered outside of my coaching program…until NOW.

You are the common denominator of all of your life experiences.
Change your mind. Change your reality.

If not now, when?


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I'm soul ready

Dream life, here I come!